Parish Church of the Assumption - Fliess

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Parish Church of the Assumption - Fliess

Also called Maasskirche.

For a long time, only the church tower spoke for an older architectural history of the 1300s first mentioned parish church. Extensive excavations inside the church during the recent restoration in 1991-93 have now revealed much older structures that can be seen in the lower church. Thus, the oldest traces in the period of the Bavarian settlement around 530-620 AD. date.

Reliable results on the shape of the church can only be found in the new building erected after a fire around 1200 in the form of a simple rectangle with a choir just closing. After a partial regotification in 1901-02 and only a makeshift repair of the heavily damaged by the fire on October 11, 1933 church, now shows the 1991-93 fundamentally restored church again in its most beautiful robe. The lower church serves the faithful as a memorial to the former Pastor Alois Simon Maass, who was known here as a model pastor and confessor, but also as a doctor and exorcist far beyond the community.

Commemorative plaques next to Maass are also reminiscent of two clergymen born in the parish: Otto Neururer, pastor of Götzens, who was tortured to death for his faith in the concentration camp, and Franz Flür, who was a priest and missionary in North Borneo Soldiers died. The parish church is always open during the day. In the course of museum tours, the lower church is also visited.
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Parish Church of the Assumption - Fliess


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