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Burg Berneck

Auf einem hohen Felsen thront die romanische Burg Berneck, die aus dem 11. Jahrhundert stammt. Legen Sie einmal einen kulturellen Tag ein und stöbern Sie in vergangenen Zeiten. Stolz und imposant thront die Burganlage Berneck hoch über dem Taleingang zum Kaunertal.

Perched on a high cliff is the Romanesque Berneck Castle, which dates back to the 11th century. Have a cultural day and browse through times past. The Berneck castle stands proudly and imposingly high above the valley entrance to the Kaunertal valley. 

In 1225, the first Romanesque castle was mentioned for the first time, as "Hegeno de Berneggo". Ceramic finds and excavations indicate that construction work already existed in pre-Christian times. It is assumed that Berneck, which is located on the secondary route of the Via Claudia over the Piller, was built as an administrative castle for this area. After the lords of Berneck had died, in 1435 the castle came into the possession of the Swiss nobleman Hans Wilhelm von Mühlinen, retainer of Frederick IV. Under his hand, a far reaching renovation took place, the appearance changed to a late Gothic residential castle. After his death, the castle changed hands several times. At the end of the 15th century it was acquired by Emperor Maximilian I under whose ownership the last expansion was carried out. With the end of the Middle Ages, the castle fell more and more into ruin. In 1976, the Hörmann family bought Berneck and renovated it with years of loving and professional work. The castle is characterised by a mighty tower in the west and three courtyards, which divide the castle into three parts. On the north side a high wall of masterfully crafted masonry rises up. The Gothic bay window above the entrance gate is one of the oldest in Tyrol, as is the "gothic parlour" of Berneck, which has been able to be visited from 2007 after careful restoration to its old splendour. The castle chapel, dedicated to St. Bartholomew, contains important late Gothic frescoes, especially the altar fresco with St. John. Along the south side, a gallery leads over the 130 m high rock face and offers a breathtaking view into the depths.

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Burg Berneck


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