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Kneipp facility Kronburg

Water is a source of health, energy and vitality. Cold water awakens the spirits. The fountain in front of the inn is fed from its own spring with delicious water.

Not only the thirst can be extinguished at this well, the wooden trough also offers to take an armband, which blood flows through the arms, heart and lungs.

On the way between Gasthof and Klösterle you can visit our newly designed Kneipp Labyrinth and water treading. Water treading is part of the classic KNEIPP therapy for physical and mental fitness, which is based on the interplay of the five pillars of Kneipp's natural healing process: water, movement, medicinal plants and herbs, nutrition and inner order.
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Kneipp facility Kronburg


Name:Gasthof/Klösterle Kronburg
Street / number:Kronburg 103-107
Zip code:6511

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Klösterle Kronburg Gasthof

hotels and inns: Klösterle Kronburg Gasthof

RECREATION AND RELAXATION ... Kronburg is the ideal place for that. We are located on a small hill between Landeck and Imst, are only accessible via an access road and thus have no through traffic.

Ruin Kronburg

castles and palaces: Ruin Kronburg

The castle hill on which today ruins Kronburg rises, was already inhabited in prehistoric times.

Zams - Kronburg

winter hiking / nordic walking: Zams - Kronburg

Beautiful hike from the valley station of the Venetbahn over Anreit and Rifenal to Kronburg. There you can fortify yourself in the inn Kronburg, by the way a partner of the gourmet workshop TirolWest, with production from the region.

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