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Kronburg ruins

The castle hill on which the Kronburg ruins rise today, was already inhabited in prehistoric times.

In 380 Johann von Starkenberg received permission to build a castle. 1423 the Starkenberger were involved in an uprising against the prince Friedl with the empty bag. After the suppression of the uprising, the Kronburg was taken away. In 1504, the sovereign Maximilian I transferred the castle as a fief to the Fieger family, who generously rebuilt it and provided it with outbuildings. In 1802 the Fieger died out. Since 1766 the castle was no longer inhabited and abandoned to decay. In 1985 the association "Rettet die Kronburg" was founded and the castle was restored. Below the mountain with its characteristic silhouette lies the pilgrimage church Kronburg with the inn Kronburg. The pilgrimage Kronburg can be reached on a good road (3 km) via Schönwies or on foot from Rifenal (1/2 hour). From the place of pilgrimage a steep path leads to the castle ruins, walking time approx. 15 minutes uphill.

Great rest stop at the inn Kronburg - Tiroler Wirtshaus and partner of GenussWerkstatt TirolWest .
Would you like to leave everyday life behind for a short time? Come to the Kronburg and experience crowning days. More information about the offer can be found here.

Buses up to max. 12 m length.

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Kronburg ruins


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Street / House number:Hauptplatz 6

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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Kronburg ruins

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Genussroute Quellkeimlinge   Crunchy on sprout tracks

: Genussroute Quellkeimlinge Crunchy on sprout tracks

Delicate green sprouting from single grains is known as sprouts. The addition of high-quality, first-class spring water, the seed develops into a tasty, vitamin-rich seedling. Sprouts of various vegetable seeds and legumes are produced in Toni's sprout garden in Landeck.

Gasthof Klösterle Kronburg

Hotel: Gasthof Klösterle Kronburg

At the Gasthof/Klösterle Kronburg, you have the choice between snug rooms in the guesthouse and simple, functional rooms in the adjacent monastery, or Klösterle.

Kneipp facility Kronburg

kneipp facility: Kneipp facility Kronburg

Water is a source of health, energy and vitality. Cold water awakens the spirits. The fountain in front of the inn is fed from its own spring with delicious water.

Tramser Weiher   Kronburg return

Winter walking: Tramser Weiher Kronburg return

This trail leads from the trams on the Hammerlweg and Rifenal pilgrimage Kronburg.

Zams   Kronburg

Winter walking: Zams Kronburg

Beautiful hike from the valley station of the Venetbahn over Anreit and Rifenal to Kronburg. There you can fortify yourself in the inn Kronburg, by the way a partner of the gourmet workshop TirolWest, with production from the region.

Fountain Kronburg

: Fountain Kronburg

Fountain Kronburg.

Pilgrimage church Kronburg

SPW Highlights und Sehenswürdigkeiten 2022: Pilgrimage church Kronburg

Through the miraculous healing of the child by Hans Lechleitner, Lechleitner and Johann Raimund Fieger of Kronburg had a portrait of the Virgin Mary painted and a chapel built.


Nordic walking: Kronburgrunde

Powerful rises the ruin Kronburg on Zams and immediately signals the not very easy first leg of this round. Alone because of the length and the height meters to be covered this round is reserved for the experienced runner.

Zams   place of pilgrimage Kronburg

: Zams place of pilgrimage Kronburg

Powerful rises the ruin Kronburg on Zams. After the leisurely hike you will be rewarded with a refreshment stop at the inn Kronburg.

Kronburg Round

Mountainbike tour: Kronburg Round

The route leads over the bike path to Zams and Rifenal to Kronburg and back again.

Canyoning   Kronburg Tobel

Slopes: Canyoning Kronburg Tobel

The course of the water through canyons and slides. Defeating the elements by jumping, rappelling and swimming.

Zams   Kronburg   Patscheid

Erholungswandern: Zams Kronburg Patscheid

From Zams, the trail leads via Anreit and Rifenal to the pilgrimage church in Kronburg. The short ascent to the ruin Kronburg gives a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains.

Zams   Trams   Kronburg

: Zams Trams Kronburg

From Zams, the trail leads over the trams, the Hammerlweg and Rifenal to the pilgrimage church in Kronburg. The short ascent to the ruin Kronburg gives a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. Return the way over the Zammer Patscheid back to Zams.

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