Württemberger house 2.220m

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Württemberger house 2.220m

The Württemberger Haus is like the neighboring Steinsee- and Memmingerhütte on Lechtaler Höhenweg and Adlerweg. Approach: starting point Zams - walking time approx. 5 hours

Beautifully located at 2,220 meters is the oldest hut of the DAV Stuttgart section. For over 80 years, she has been entertaining visitors with her charm after a 4-hour ascent through the Lechtal mountains.

Württemberger house 2.220m


Name:Fam. Schultes


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Zams - Württemberger House /

mountain hiking: Zams - Württemberger House /

The path leads steeply up to the Burschbödele, above the climbing area Burschlwand, and then leads along the long-distance trail E5 to the Jagerhütte. There, the path then branches off and leads up to the Württemberger house.

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