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Augsburger Hut

From the Augsburger Hut (2.298 m) you reach the Parseierspitze in 2.5 hours, which at 3,036 meters is the highest peak of the northern Limestone Alps. She is the only one who surpasses the 3,000-meter mark.

Grins (parking - swimming pool) (1.100 m) / Walking time: 03:00 h

Neighboring huts:
Ansbacher Hut (2,376 m) / Walking time: 08:00 h
Memminger Hut (2,242 m) / Walking time: 05:00 h
Württemberger House (2,220 m) / Walking time: 07:30 h
Augsburger bivouac (2,608 m) / Walking time: 05:00 h

Tour options:
Gatschkopf (2,945 m) / Walking time: 01:45 h
Parseierspitze (3,036 m) / walking time: 02:30 h
Dawinkopf (2,968 m) / Walking time: 03:00 h
Blank maple (2,822 m) / Walking time: 03:00 h
Simeleskopf (2,803 m) / Walking time: 02:30 h
Augsburger Höhenweg
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Augsburger Hut


Name:Gudrun Trittler & Stefanie Deininger
Street / number:Augsburger Hütte 1
Zip code:6591


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Grins - Augsburger Hut - Parseierspitze /

mountain hiking: Grins - Augsburger Hut - Parseierspitze /

The hut stands on a rocky outcrop, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view and is also the base of the Lechtaler Höhenweg and the starting point for the Parseierspitze, the highest peak in the Lechtal Alps.

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