Zams - Steinseehütte - Württemberger house

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Zams - Steinseehütte - Württemberger house

From Zams into the mysterious world of the greyish-green Lechtal Alps, this hut tour takes you for three days.

On our round trip we dive into wonderful mountain solitude and spend the night in two cozy huts of the Alpine Club. Back out into the Inn Valley, the Zammer Loch, one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in Europe, is traversed.

1st day: A gravel road leads up the slope to the Alfuzalm
Alternative: so far it is also possible with a car!
First, a cart path leads inwards or upwards and finally in steeper terrain and serpentines - through pine trees up to the Steinseehütte.
2nd day: Now begins the demanding, over several, demanding Scharten and Jöcher running mountain trail to Württemberger house (identical to the Adlerweg). Comfortably ascending up to the Steinkarscharte and over grassy slopes or debris, before the climb leads more steeply through rocks and then through gravel to Roßkarscharte. After the gap in a narrow gully (ropes) down steep, later in the slightly widening Kar down to rubble. Finally, the route ascends steeply to the building yoke. Beyond on black earth on a bad, uninsured trail steeply down and over to grassy slopes and finally in serpentines down to the Württemberger house.
3rd day: From the Württemberger house on the trail down a terrain level, past the Medriol hut outward or downhill (debris, grass, pines). Pass the Jaghütte into the valley of the Zammer Loch, which resembles a ravine. It goes high above the bottom of the valley on the slope descending away, over and over again crosses the climb ditches (exposed terrain, special care!) Until you come to the valley.
Important: reservation of sleeping places in the huts is required before starting the tour.


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Path surface:schmaler Steig, Grashänge, Schuttreisen
Difficulty:hard / black mountain path

Type of Route

Loop tour:Yes


Name:Tourismusverband TirolWest
Street / number:Malserstrasse 10
Zip code:6500

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