Grins - Augsburger Hut - Parseierspitze / 42

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Grins - Augsburger Hut - Parseierspitze / 42

The hut stands on a rocky outcrop, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view and is also the base of the Lechtaler Höhenweg and the starting point for the Parseierspitze, the highest peak in the Lechtal Alps.

1 day
Starting point of this tour is the parking lot about 100 m behind the swimming pool Grins . Here a moderately steep footpath branches off to the right. The destination, the Augsburg hut and the Parseierspitze constantly in mind, you walk over beautiful pastures (Tschafellwiesen, Steiniger soil) until the path narrows to a steep path. In many turns, the path moves steeply through the pines up to the Gasillboden (1597 m). Until here you have about 2 hours walking time and 600 meters difference in altitude, but still 600 meters in front of him. The path leads over the Gasillbach and in many turns up steeply up to the spring at the "" Muesmannsruhe "", the only source in the whole area. In about 2100 m, the Gasillbach is crossed again. After a few bends, the narrow path turns right and rises to the hut only a little.
2 day
From the hut we take the narrow trail back to the Gasilltal and branch off to the right. Over scree go up to the wall. From here, the trail winds over stone slabs and narrow ledges (wire rope insurance) and continues over a rubble-covered slope up to the trough edge of the Grinner Ferners. You stick to the numerous foot prints in the snow and climb straight to the marked entrance to the Parseierspitze. First, the path over rocky steps rather to the right, but deviates approximately in the middle of the wall to the left. From here you can reach the summit in a few minutes.
Challenging hike in the rugged slopes and rocks of the Lechtal Alps. A challenge, even for high-season hikers, but with a fascinating view of the surrounding peaks of the Verwall and Samnaungruppe, as well as the Ötztal Alps are more than rewarded. Ambitious mountaineers also manage this tour in one day.


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Path surface:schmaler Steig, teilweise drahtseilversichert
Difficulty:hard / black mountain path


Name:Tourismusverband TirolWest
Street / number:Malserstrasse 10
Zip code:6500

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Augsburger Hütte

camping - huts: Augsburger Hütte

Access to the Augsburger Hütte is possible from Grins in 3 hours.

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