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Grist - Dawin

From Grist up to the Grinner ski hut to Dawin.

From the municipal office Grins you go west, past the church, continue on the road until after about 0.5 hours to the turnoff to Grist - Gmar comes. Turn right and follow the paved road up to the last houses. You can get to the parking place by car if you go straight on at the junction for Grist and Gmar and follow the road to the end; It is about 1 hour earlier in the hiking area Dawin.

At the eastern end of the car park, a cart path leads downhill; You can reach Grist in a few minutes, but can easily park your car at the Parkoöatz Obgrist. The marked path to the ski hut begins here Grist and pulls up moderately steeply on the edge of a large meadow. Following this one goes partly through the forest or over Widsenlichtungen; After about 45 minutes the Grinner ski hut is reached. The same way continues now up a steep piece of knowledge. In the middle of a fence - which is easy to climb - the path climbs gently through the forest. From the Vevenegg - this is the name of this area - you can reach the Strengher Schihütte and just below the Dawin Alm on a level path.

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Difficulty level:medium difficulty / red mountain path


Starting point:1250
Path surface:Asphalt, Forstweg

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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Grist - Dawin

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Parish church Grins

church - chapell: Parish church Grins

The parish church of Grins is dedicated to St. Nicholas. 1434, the parish church was mentioned as "sand Niklaws churches to Grins" documentary. The present rococo church was built in 1775.

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