Flathalm - Zirmegg - Perfuchser ski hut

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Flathalm - Zirmegg - Perfuchser ski hut

From the Flathalm, a beautiful circular path leads to the Zirmegg and on via the Perfuchser Schihütte and the Dreilalli path back to the Flathalm

The beautiful circular route was renovated and completely renovated in 2015 in the area from the Zirmegg Chapel to the Perfuchser Schihütte and the Dreilalli-Weg and now offers hikers a wonderful circular route with fantastic views of the Tyrolean mountains.

IMPORTANT Hiking checklist "Hiking on marked trails"


Difficulty:average / red mountain path

Type of Route

Loop tour:Yes


Name:Tourismusverband TirolWest
Street / number:Hauptplatz 6
Zip code:6511

Altitude Profile

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Recommendable for Flathalm - Zirmegg - Perfuchser ski hut

In areas ofhuts and mountain pastures, viewpoints, fountains with drinkable water

Flathalm      m

huts and mountain pastures: Flathalm m

The Flathalm is located at 1,687 m above sea level and can be reached from Tobadill via a forest path. The Alm is farmed in summer and invites you to rest.

Zirmegg Chapel

viewpoints: Zirmegg Chapel

The Zirmegg Chapel is located on the trail to Thialkopf (trail no. 18 or 20,19). From there there is a magnificent view of the basin of Landeck / Zams and in good visibility you can even see the Zugspitze.

Fountain Flathalm

fountains with drinkable water: Fountain Flathalm

Fountain Flathalm.

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