Adventure hikes - Holiday in the holidayregion TirolWest

Adventure hikes in TirolWest

Educational, playful, enjoyable, mystical or legendary - these are our adventure hikes.

Zammer Lochputz

On a tour through Tyrol's mystical gorge, one of the most beautiful wild waters in Tyrol, you will find miraculous phenomena, such as the dilapidated smithy, the mirror cave and the stone bull, which was formed by the water itself - the Zammer Lochputz.

Barrier-free hikes

Experience numerous opportunities to experience nature and culture barrier-free.

Moor nature trail in the nature park

Accessible Piller Moor - Moorlehrpfad am Gachen View in the Kaunergrat Nature Park: During a circular hike (about 2.5 km in length), you can get information on peat bogs, moor vegetation and peat extraction.

Albigen trails in Grins

A myth tells of the 4 elements fire, water, wind and earth, which are embodied by the 4 Albigen (nature Elves), as well as their influence on the forces of nature in grins.

Tobis adventure trail

A beautiful hike for families with children. At various stations along the adventure trail children can play and gain experience in nature.

Adventure-rich hiking tours

Let yourself be guided along the pleasure routes, through the villages and through the mountains of Tyrol.

Paths for bon vivants in the holiday region TirolWest

Throughout Tyrol these "paths of the senses" are taking shape. They invite you to a rendezvous with nature and culture, enjoyment and taste. See how and where foods thrive. Hear stories. Walk your paths, accompanied by knowledgeable people. Let your taste melt on the tongue. Beautiful experiences and lots of interesting facts to take home. We invite you: Come to the taste of Tyrol

Punch plum - brandy

The town of Stanz with its 54 distilleries is the first distillery village in Austria. Here also the well-known "punch plum" grows.

Tiroler Edle - chocolate

Follow the good milk of the Tyrol gray cattle over the pasture to the confectionery Haag, where it becomes a chocolate Tiroler Edle.

Gourmet Route Mountain herbs

Discover the world of herbs and medicinal plants.

Culinary tour spring seedlings

Toni and Maria Pircher from Landeck inspire with their sprouts - these serve as high-quality food with excellent quality.

Tyrolean Alpine herbs

Discover the world of herbs and medicinal plants in the rhythm of the annual cycle. The Zammer Kräuterhex Michaela Thöni-Kohler accompanies her expertly. The collected herbs are processed after the hike and tasted in a "refined" form.


Cell free! Digital detox route

Turn off the stress of everyday life!
On this guided route, the smartphones are sealed in a bag so that you can enjoy a meal without distraction.

History & Nature

Let yourself be guided through the town of Landeck and the village of Fließ

Evening tour Landeck

Accompany a medieval barmaid through the secret history of Landeck and listen to her stories about three villages, three castles and a historic gastronomic mile.

Flow - archeology, history and nature

Experience the beauty of nature as well as the numerous cultural and archaeological features during a free village tour through the nature park municipality of Fließ.


Up to the Alm

A beautiful circular route from the top station of the Venet Bahn through the larch forest to the Meranz Alm and over the Bettlersteig to the Zammer Alm and the Zams ski hut.

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