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  • Romantic walks

    ... through the snowy winter landscape

  • Hidden cookies

    ... discover during snowshoe hikes or ski tours

  • Enjoy the winter ...

    and experience from its most beautiful side

Winter magic in TirolWest

If you want to spend the cold season away from the slopes, you've come to the right place. An impressive experience, for example, is a winter hike through the Zammer Lochputz, Tyrol's mystical gorge, which the frost has transformed into a shimmering fairy kingdom full of icicles. At the events of the Kaunergrat Nature Park House you can discover that nature is full of life even in winter: follow animal tracks in the snow, join wildlife feedings or take part in a snowshoe hike. Enjoy the winter with us in the region!

Sporty through the winter

Winter hiking

Romantic walks through the snow-covered landscape make you forget space and time. The mountain landscape of Tyrol invites you to hikes in winter through snowy forests with unique views.

Snowshoe - Hiking

The magic of the barely touched winter landscape in the vacation region TirolWest and in the nature park Kaunergrat, represents a special value for many people. Trudging through the deeply snow-covered landscape on snowshoes, the powder snow in your nose...these are moments in which you feel connected to winter and nature.


A toboggan ride provides fun for young and old. On the easier tracks with a small slope, it requires no special training other than observing safety tips and is almost as nice as skiing. Sledding is a great pleasure, also for all those who are looking for a change from the ski slopes.

Nature park in winter

Ski tours

Whether challenging summit tours or simple beginner tours with a subsequent stop for refreshments - here touring enthusiasts get their money's worth.

Cross country skiing

Wonderful high-altitude trails await cross-country skiers above Fliess in the area of the Kaunergrat Nature Park as well as in the Venet pleasure ski area.

Ice skating

Whether on the Piller fishing pond or the ice skating rink in Landeck - fun on the blades or curling is guaranteed.

Dog sledding

Winter vacation in Tyrol for all those who have always wanted to enjoy the beautiful winter landscape with dogs.

Winter magic


The pre-Christmas season wraps itself in the smell of gingerbread, while brilliant lights illuminate the dark night. Tyrolean customs with Krampus and Perchten offer an exciting spectacle.

Zammer perforated plaster - Klamm

Walking through Tyrol's mystical gorge, one of the most beautiful wild waters in Tyrol, you will come across wondrous phenomena, such as the dilapidated forge, the mirror cave and the stone bull formed from the rock by the water itself - the Zammer Lochputz.

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